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Interview with: Wolfgang Turainsky

The co-founder of EXEPT talks about his experiences in the cycling world.

What was your life before EXEPT?

During university I worked in a bicycle shop to finance my studies in mechanical engineering. Later, I worked for some of the best brands in the cycling world, dealing with product management, sales and technical assistance. I consider myself very lucky because I have always had the opportunity to work with clients and business partners all over the world, as well as collaborating with some of the best cyclists of the last ten years. What cyclist wouldn’t like to ride on the roads of Taiwan after a business meeting, to go enduro riding in Arizona during a press launch, or to feel the tension among the cyclists in the hotel the day prior to the Tour de France, and then get on the team bus with them?
I have been able to ride many bikes in different events and occasions. Some of those bikes were mine and others were test bikes. I didn’t find any of them striking: they all represented a compromise. Until now.

What does cycling mean to you?

Cycling nowadays has so many facets that it is difficult to talk about it in general terms. Bicycles, cyclists, and disciplines are almost impossible to compare. Regardless of the bike I choose, every time I get the chance, I can’t wait to get out on the road or trails, to escape for a lunch-break, to make the most of a nice day, or just to train in preparation for a goal or a race. It is the adrenaline rush that made me fall in love with cycling.

How did you decide to create EXEPT?

The idea is revolutionary.
The people I work with are qualified and experienced. The first reaction to the project by stakeholders – from investors to potential business partners – was encouraging. The passion for the sport and for the product has always been present. Road cycling has become a high-end sport. We often hear about success stories related to cycling. So why not try to build something important linked to our greatest passion?

What does EXEPT mean to you?

EXEPT is the only way to respect and honor ambitious cyclists without compromise. It is a unique opportunity to shape a bike for yourself. The bikes are powerful, they fit perfectly, match the style of the cyclist, and are also beautiful products. If you want the ultimate bike, which is truly yours, you must have an EXEPT.

How will EXEPT redefine the cycling experience?

With a perfectly customized and high-performance bike, our customers can focus on what really matters: going out, riding, and enjoying their cycling experience. There is nothing better than creating the bike you’ve always dreamed of.