STORIES | Exept Team • 3'

Interview with: Alessio Rebagliati

The CEO of the brand explains what the EXEPT lifestyle is.

What was your life before EXEPT?

I have had a varied working life with experiences in different sectors and in different countries. All of these have contributed in making me who I am, but the most significant were those in the field of aeronautics, where I had the fortune of working in the best companies. It was there that I learned about carbon fiber, its design, and construction. The search for stability for my family however, led me to doing a job that wasn’t satisfying me and one in which I wasn’t able to show my value. Knowing myself, it was not a situation that could have lasted a long time and I realized that I had to start my own project.

What does cycling mean to you?

It is a passion that I inherited from my father. When I was a child, Sundays were for watching cycling races and, very often I would go with my father to his races. In my adolescence I began to ride at an amateur level and, with it also being my only mode of transport, I was spending a lot of time on the bike. Among the ups and downs, cycling has continued to be a constant in my life, a passion shared with friends and colleagues, as well as an escape when I feel that I need a release. Cycling is wellness, it is freedom, it is continuously challenging yourself.

How did you decide to create EXEPT?

The strong desire to combine my passion and my profession led me to think about how I could use my skills, gained during my career, in the field of cycling. I realized that I could contribute to an innovation in a stagnant industry in terms
of frame production processes.

What does EXEPT mean to you?

EXEPT is not a job, it’s a lifestyle. It makes no difference to be sitting at my desk or accompanying a client on a test ride. It may seem trivial to say but, making one’s passion a way of life and a job is priceless. EXEPT is also a big professional challenge in which I am finally able to create my own success. It is this that pushes me every day to give my best.

How will EXEPT redefine the cycling experience?

EXEPT puts the client at the center of the experience. The product is the result of their needs and their choices: it is the manifestation of their character. The experience of buying and riding a bike, and customer service after-the-sale meet the client’s highest expectations. No compromises, no adaptations, just pleasure. Those who want the best have finally found what they are looking for.