STORIES | Exept Team • 3'

Interview with: Alessandro Giusto

The co-founder of EXEPT talks about cycling, beauty and quality of life.

What was your life before EXEPT?

For the last six years I worked at a German automobile company. My life was that of the typical employee of a multinational company — a sort of prisoner of time, inflexible schedules, lunch breaks marked by a bell, endless meetings on uninteresting topics (we designed drum brakes!). I found myself always in a hurry to take advantage of the time left on weekends to split between sport, music, and family. It was a kind of Tetris in which every minute had to be optimized until the moment when the engines were switched off and you went to bed, to start all over again the next day. The frustration caused by the awareness of not being the master of my own time, of devoting my energy to a cause that I did not believe in, gave me the impetus to abandon everything and throw myself headfirst into this new adventure.

What does cycling mean to you?

For me, cycling is the school of life. It is an addictive drug. Cycling in my twenties, long hours spent in the mountains with my brother, crazy hunger after 100 kilometers while my mother’s cheese gnocchi awaits me at home. Cycling is to climb the Monte Fasce in Genoa while my university mates are locked in a classroom, studying the operations of turbines and pumps. Cycling is all those hours on the rollers in the endless Swedish winter of 1998. Cycling is a journey in which you are the engine. Cycling has taught me that in life, every goal must be pursued with sacrifice and determination and, despite everything, it can still evade you. Cycling for me is a difficult woman who, if neglected, turns her back on you and pushes you to court her again. If you don’t show up even for just four days, she makes you start all over again.

How did you decide to create EXEPT?

Because I couldn’t stay where I was. It was time to put my talents at the disposal of my passion because in life, the train of good luck passes by only once and I saw it coming. And then, because the only way to have the bike that I wanted was to do it myself.

What does EXEPT mean to you?

EXEPT is the biggest bet of my life. EXEPT for me is excellence, uniqueness and beauty. One day in my previous life, while I was working on some calculation, I suddenly stopped. A sentence began to echo in my head, “beauty does not reside here.” Well, now the beauty does reside here, because EXEPT is beauty.

How will EXEPT redefine the cycling experience?

It is a space devoid of compromises. The cyclist must be demanding and demand that his bike be an extension of himself – not the adaptation of a mechanical means that anyone can have. The bike becomes a piece of a wider process that sees the cyclist at the center, with their peculiarities, their perfect position, their objectives.