RIDING | Exept Team • 3'

The perfect bike? Yours.

Meet Virginia, the EXEPT ambassador that grew up on the bicycle seat.

In 2011 I began to take part in competitive cycling, and from that moment it became a fundamental and essential part of my life.
I have understood that a sport like cycling teaches you so much. It teaches you not to give up, to endure the effort, and to work hard for your goals. It teaches you that – with effort and dedication – great results can be achieved and dissatisfaction removed. But it also teaches you to appreciate nature, unspoiled landscapes, and the wind in your hair. For me, the bike means freedom. The thing that I like most about cycling is that I can do it anywhere, with anyone and in any situation.

All I need is my bike, no destination seems out of reach. The discovery of EXEPT changed the way I ride. It was an amazing discovery. Having a bike that’s my exact size, and one that’s higher performing than a stock frame allows me to be completely comfortable during training. And I spend a lot of hours in the saddle...
I am convinced that for us cyclists, it is more than fundamental to have a perfect and comfortable position on the bike to prepare for racing because we spend most of our time pedaling.

There’s only one correct position, and that is yours. Speaking about aesthetics, the EXEPT bike is very elegant with simple but decisive lines. It has character and is totally customizable in every detail.
The configurator gives you the possibility to build your bike with the components you want.

I am often asked if there’s a female version. In a predominantly male world like cycling, stock bikes are often divided between male and female versions, with models for women usually in a more limited number. With EXEPT, I can’t see any reason why there should be a female version.
The bike is perfectly customizable to the geometric measurements of one’s body and riding style, so there is no distinction.
An EXEPT bike is suitable for men and women in equal measure.
In short, the problem just doesn’t arise!
In essence, having spent a lot of time on the bike, I can confirm that EXEPT gives me the opportunity to express my full potential, allowing me to think of nothing but pedaling, pedaling and pedaling.