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A bike fit for a champion.

Damiano Cunego chose EXEPT to keep on riding.

The EXEPT revolution starts with the configurator. Available online and in the showroom in Finale Ligure, the configurator allows you to design your bike starting with the frame, your measurements, and your preferred riding style. To demonstrate the effectiveness and simplicity of the configurator we met “Il Piccolo Principe”, Damiano Cunego, one of the most well-loved Italian champions and EXEPT ambassador. Here is his interview.

We will begin with your experience with the configurator. Born from the needs of the cyclist, with 5 simple steps it results in a bike perfectly fit to you. How was it for you?

It is truly a great innovation.
What until recently you had to do in a craftsmanship way, with the measurement tape, now it’s all digital. With 5 simple steps these guys are already able to build a custom frame. They need few indications, the bike fitting is fast and easy to understand, also because now everyone uses the smartphone, so one of the strengths is its simplicity.

How is the riding style influenced compared to an adapted stock frame?

It is a big difference, because now in the cycling world the norm is to produce stock frames and adapt them, it is the market that imposes this. EXEPT, on the other hand, goes a step beyond. By inserting your measurements and data into the configurator, it allows you to have a perfectly tailored bike.
In my case this is very important, because I am an athlete with a slightly longer torso and shorter-than-average legs so very often with other brands, I was disadvantaged because I had to adjust my bike’s components to my body and to my riding style. Here instead, they designed the frame to my measurements: in technical terms my reach is 39.5 centimeters, combined with a stack of 51.9 centimeters.
So, apart from being very beautiful, the bike is really shaped for you and you can really feel the advantages of this. Going uphill and downhill, the effort is less and you don’t waste energy having to adapt. The benefits are huge, in the course of a training camp or a competition, you perceive so many advantages, large and small.

Would you say that EXEPT is redefining the cycling experience?

Absolutely. We need to continue to promote this method, because for many years everyone in cycling has been thinking about the adaptation of stock bikes, but it is only a matter of time. I am very confident that with hard work and patience, EXEPT’s goals will be achieved. Just like in a race!
I think that we are almost in 2020, we have the best of technology, the best materials, and we are witnessing an increase in personalization in every field. In short, we have the means, why not create bicycles totally tailored to the rider?

Since you ended your career, you have always remained in the heart of fans. How do you live with this appreciation?

Every time I am out, I feel people’s love.
I think they have remained loyal because, when I rode, there were the good results, the performances, the victories, yes, but in the end, I always tried to build something more with the public so, many experiences have become wonderful memories to preserve over time. As long as someone wins, celebration is tasted in that moment of victory, and often they are not interested in anything else. But we must also understand that one fine day, it will all end, so we must make sure that we are prepared for what’s next.

What does the future hold for Damiano Cunego, what are your current projects?

The guys at EXEPT were the first to contact me when I retired. It was the first brand to believe in me. I was at home with nothing to do, I was calm even though my head was full of thoughts. I had goals: I had a broad outline of what I wanted to do, but actually I hadn’t yet done anything. They were the first to seek me out, they trusted me and, from that moment, I started to build a more serious, personal and shared project with EXEPT. We started with custom-made bikes, which was a nice springboard for me. Now, for example, I have re-invented myself as a personal trainer, a project that has led me to gain a good number of customers already, for whom I supply training plans that can also be found on my official website. This is something that is slowly being set in motion but I’m already having good results. The idea from 2020 on is to organize many training camps around Italy and the world. Obviously EXEPT will accompany me on this journey and it will be a chance to promote the product, but above all, to promote the idea and the concept of extreme customization. The guys at EXEPT gave me the drive to figure out what to do. They came along at the moment when I was re-inventing myself, a moment in which it can be difficult to understand how to proceed after having finished a long career.
I have embraced the cause with enthusiasm and now we carry it all together.