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The revolution of cycling.

EXEPT is here to redefine the cycling experience.

EXEPT is an innovative Italian brand that intends to redefine the cycling experience by producing custom bikes with a monocoque carbon fiber frame structure. Its birthplace is Finale Ligure.
The founders are Alessio Rebagliati, Alessandro Giusto, and Wolfgang Turainsky. Experts of product design, engineering, and marketing, they are pushing customization to its limits in order to create road bikes of the highest quality.

EXEPT is a way of life. Riding on beautiful roads and discovering breath-taking landscapes with a high performance bike completely customized to your geometry, this is the definition of the perfect journey for every passionate cyclist.
A journey that you can go on by combining only customization and performance, to reach a level of unprecedented personalization.
EXEPT has one objective: to create a product conceived in its design phase, which is uniquely based on the cyclist’s personal measurements, as well as on the cyclist’s preferred riding style.
The cyclist can then concentrate on what is important to them: forward momentum.

Without having to think.
Without having to compromise.
Without having to adapt.

EXEPT is the new definition of cycling, the revolution.