January 25th, 2019

Words: Ivan Corridori

Hi there,

I’m Ivan Corridori, a young guy born in Rome with a great passion for photography! So great that I let it become my profession! I work a lot with Instagram (my handle is @aivenn, just in case you want to check out my profile ;) ) in collaboration with lots of brand, like GoPro, Red Bull, Samsung etc.

But photography is not my only passion — I really love sports, in particular, cycling. I actually take care of my bike a lot and I have an eye for detail.

I’ve always struggled to find a good position on the bike because the right size for me is exactly in between a 56 and a 57 cm. While I was browsing the web in search of something more performance-oriented, I got sucked into the EXEPT website.

"The idea of making a custom bike in a monocoque carbon frame, and “Made in Italy” blew my mind! I had to get one!"



On the EXEPT website, there’s a page dedicated to the configurator, so that you can create your own bike from the comfort of your home — Amazing! So I started designing my bike by choosing all the details I like. I selected the color and the Integrated version, SRAM Red eTap WiFLi gruppo, DT Swiss wheels...there it is, my perfect bike! Now came the most difficult part — well I thought it would be the most difficult part, but it actually wasn’t: choosing the perfect size. There’s an easy method created by the guys at EXEPT that allowed me to measure some parts of my body and, once I entered my measurements into the system, it calculated the perfectly sized bike for me.


8 weeks after placing my order, my bike was ready. They could have sent the bike to my house but I decided to go to Finale Ligure to have a look at the showroom and get to know the crew. Once I got to the showroom, I was welcomed with open arms by the guys of EXEPT. Inside EXEPT’s headquarters there is a bike fitting room. I was pretty curious to see if the size the configurator calculated for me was right so I did a fitting session. The size was the right one!

What do you think, ivan?

Ivan Corridori
"At this point I took my new bike for a ride around the Finale area — AMAZING! It felt so good to ride my new bike!"

Photo: Ivan Corridori - Virginia Cancellieri