The perfect ride

The bicycle

For us at EXEPT, the bicycle goes beyond a simple way of transportation. We love to spend our time experiencing nice rides.

The ride

A group of good friends, beautiful roads, landscape and conditions along with a perfectly fitting and performing bike completes the perfect ride.

The technology

We believe the perfect ride is only achieved by merging customization and craftsmanship with uncompromised bike performance.

Next level custom rides


Achieving the perfect ride

Cutting-edge technology

EXEPT’s mission is founded on our patented frame construction method, wich enables us to build complete custom frames geometries with state-of-the-art material composition. We love to spend our time experiencing nice rides.


Our Made in Italy frame-building craftsmanship enhances our technology to create the perfect ride for every EXEPT customer. This perfect ride is tailored around every customer’s individual riding style and fit, which is determined in the EXEPT Lab.

Exept lab

The EXEPT Lab combines sophisticated engineering and Italian craftsmanship with a customer-centric approach. It brings customization to every cyclist in a scientific, yet easy-to-follow process.

Exept Black Swan logo

The black swan

Our logo symbolizes both contrast and distinction in the genus of custom carbon fiber frame manufacturers. We are the only ones to combine the performance advantages of monocoque with custom geometry and personal riding styles. Our monocoque structure allows us to design more complex shapes with lighter and stiffer materials.

The black swan’s aggressive appearance is simply a darkened illusion of the elegance characteristic of all swans.

Our Story

EXEPT’s journey dates back to 2015, when big volume tires on drop bar bikes and electric motors on MTB’s were vague ideas in the minds of a few cycling visionaries. We were employed by other bicycle and automotive companies but we couldn’t stop thinking about making true performance bikes customized around their riders.

What was needed was a new production technique that stepped outside the boundaries of current manufacturing methods. So in 2016, we applied for the patent for our unique molding technique.

We mostly worked during our free time on the weekends or late at night, we had to balance the demands of our jobs and family with our idea, yet we were driven by the passion to bring our idea to life.

It became increasingly clear that the idea had potential, so we went on the hunt to find investors. We never doubted our idea. However in order to convince investors and make them believe in us, we needed both a fully working prototype and brand concept.

There was no time for stress-testing or even thinking about fatigue testing — we went straight out onto the road, sweating not only because we had to keep up with this ex-pro, who took pride in keeping himself in shape after his career, but mostly because we were anxious about how the prototype would perform...and if it would even last. After a long climb followed by a terrifying descent, a phone call was placed to investors in Milan.
We were in the game.

By mid 2016, our first monocoque structure, yet fully custom prototypes were ready to hit the road together with a first brand concept, logo and our patent application.

We went all-out — we teamed up with our trusted production partner and a famous local frame builder who had built frames for all the big Italian bikes from the 1970s to the late 1990s.

Together we produced three rideable prototypes: two large-sized frames in two different riding styles; and one small frame. Investors liked the ambitious plan and fast progress but they wanted reliable proof, which would come in the form of a decisive assessment by a real professional.

Late in the summer of 2016 we met with an ex-professional Italian racer, who had finished on the podium in the Giro d’Italia , for a secret test ride in the mountains of northern Italy. We had to prepare the prototypes, which really meant that we had to assemble all the bits and pieces in a garage.

There was no time for stress-testing or even thinking about fatigue testing — we went straight out onto the road, sweating not only because we had to keep up with this ex-pro, who took pride in keeping himself in shape after his career, but mostly because we were anxious about how the prototype would perform...and if it would even last. After a long climb followed by a terrifying descent, a phone call was placed to investors in Milan. We were in the game.

During the fall of 2017 we at last secured enough funding to completely overhaul our first bike design and to invest in proper tooling and rigorous testing. We could finally create EXEPT as we are today: EXEPTional visionaries and engineers, as well as passionate cyclists who put unlimited customization at the top of the list for premium performance bikes.

Alessandro Giusto photo

Alessandro Giusto

Innovation and Simulation

What made Alessandro an aggressive rider when he was younger has evolved into a lifelong hunt for data relating to bike performance and to human performance. When he’s not attacking his fellow riders on climbs, he’s analyzing his post-ride results for proof of what can be improved. In addition to his unrelenting search for knowledge, he brings an expertise in finite element analysis, carbon fiber structures, and mechanical engineering.

Alessandro asserts that straight tubes are the best structural choice for a bike frame. What he wants in his frame are slim seatstays, a big round downtube, an integrated stem, a traditional round seat post, and a medium sloping top tube. His definition of an ideal ride is a perfectly designed bike, good company, and a strong tailwind on the return home.

Alessio Rebagliati photo

Alessio Rebagliati

Design and Operations

As a designer, Alessio’s attention to small details is seen in his bike frame. He prefers a simple frame with clean lines and graphics, and he opts for mid-depth wheels to complement his rider profile as a climber. He claims that his past as a mountain biker turned him off to flat roads and that he’d rather ride in the mountains. Yet while he pushes himself on descents, he’s decidedly non-competitive.

His shorter height tends him toward a small frame but his riding style demands a stiff frame with aggressive geometry and precise handling. This means a frame with a lower stack, which shifts his weight toward the front end, and shorter chainstays for more responsive handling.

Wolfgang Turainsky photo

Wolfgang Turainsky

Sales, Marketing, and Communications

At a lofty 1.82m (6’), Wolfgang can pull off the look of a pro without having to aggressively twist and bend in order to fit his bike’s race setup. He’s a virtual diesel engine on the bike, accustomed to long, powerful efforts lasting many kilometers. While he defines himself as “semi-competitive” — if pressed to confess, he’ll tell you that he enjoys dropping his friends or put another way, that he hates getting dropped by them.

His taste for a classic minimalistic look with regard to his bike’s aesthetics contrasts sharply with his early adoption of proven technology because for him, disc brakes are a must.

Corrado Grassi photo

Corrado Grassi

Technical Service & Logistics

Corrado has ridden and wrenched on pretty much any kind of bike there was during his career. He started racing cross-country (XC) In the late 90’s. As suspension for off-road bikes improved, so did his skills. He transformed himself into a downhill rider and competed in both the Italian racing scene and all over Europe. As soon as Enduro racing crashed the gravity party, he jumped onboard and started competing in Enduro; his first race was in France in 2005. He had always ridden on the road for training, but recently he’s clocked more time on skinny tires since he started competing in triathlon, where his goal is to finish an Ironman event. In short, anything with two wheels and pedals pretty much does it for him to enjoy some time outside the EXEPT workshop. 

Barbara Vivaldo photo

Barbara Vivaldo

Administration & Finance

Since joining EXEPT, Barbara has gradually evolved as a cyclist, from commuting to her local beach near Finale Ligure, to taking her riding more seriously for sport and to keep herself fit. Before EXEPT, she could never have imagined the technology and level of detail that go into a modern race bike. Learning about modern bike design and manufacturing has changed her mind and has caused her to switch from a simple means of transportation to a high-tech tool used for sport.

Virginia Cancellieri photo

Virginia Cancellieri

Social Media

Virginia is a diehard bike racer. She races basically anything with two wheels, from enduro, over road bikes to fixed gear bikes. She orients her racing season around the Red Hook Crit series and the Italian Fixed Cup. She likes her ride agile, stiff and, above all — fast. Logically “Race” is her riding style. Other than taking care of EXEPT’s social media channels and being a professional fixed gear racer, she is also a brand ambassador for several soft goods cycling brands.

Fit4Bike logo

The best independent bike fitting system we know of, Fit4Bike offers two systems: a motion capturing system and an automatic adjustment system. We chose Fit4Bike as our independent bike fit partner to help us develop a fit process that’s consistent with our objective to make our customers central to all our actions and products.

fi’zi:k: logo

fi’zi:k has undeniably established itself as leader when it comes to managing rider comfort and performance at the bike’s three contact points. A beautiful Italian brand, fi’zi:k products combine style and performance, which are exactly what we demand from our own designs.

ENVE logo

When we went searching for superior quality, high-performing carbon fiber wheels, we looked no further than ENVE. We have selected ENVE for our high-end build kits — specifically ENVE’s cockpit components with smart features in full carbon fiber, and ENVE’s super fast and reliable wheels in both disc and rim brake versions.

DT Swiss logo

We have chosen DT Swiss as a reliable partner for a small but crucial part on our disc brake frames. DT Swiss thru axles combine a secure fit and low weight with functionality (the lever can be removed and placed in a jersey pocket or saddle bag for a sleeker look).

FSA logo

In addition to the solid working relationship we’ve developed with FSA, they provide us with our seat post clamp mechanism for the simple reason that it just works. We also use their headsets as a standard build spec for this same reason.

Pippowheels logo

The art of wheel building requires dedication to the practice. Few wheel builders in Europe are as dedicated to the art as our partner, Pippowheels.

Shimano logo

There is not much to add to Shimano and everything said on their Dura Ace and Ultegra di2 drive train.

SRAM logo

SRAM Red eTap allows us to eliminate cable entries in the frame. As engineers and technicians we of course love that.

Pirelli logo

We wrap our wheels in Pirelli P Zero tires, known for long time as the gold standard for sparts cars and now available for bikes. Fast and reliable, as simple as that.