Proof of Quality

The secrets of structural analysis

Bikes in recent years have finally earned the place they deserve as high-tech products; lots has been said and written about each aspect of their development. The bike industry, engineers and also consumers have become experts — especially in the field of carbon fiber, which has resulted in lots of great products, but equally, lots of crap.

At EXEPT we aim to compete with all those superior, high-performance carbon fiber frames out there. However given that we are a new and lean company with a fraction of the R&D budget enjoyed by others, this forces us to be smarter and to use simulation tools to their maximum potential.

Having at our disposal the best simulation tools, NX Nastran and Laminate Tools, and one of the brightest minds using them allows us to do most testing and analyzing, but not all.
Each of our frames is developed in the same detailed manner to make sure it performs and rides as intended. We simulate stiffness and impact testing based on our own defined targets. We aim high to be at the top of the highly-reputed Zedler Institute performance test ranking, which is also the baseline standard for Germany’s Tour Magazine. The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) 4120 sets the standard for impact testing.

The carbon fiber layup is finely tuned in numerous development cycles. We accept nothing above a 5 percent deviation from simulation to real-world testing. Fatigue is something that cannot be simulated in a carbon fiber structure, so raw engineering brain power enters into the equation. The base carbon fiber lay-up and simulation analysis are combined with laboratory fatigue testing. The results of both: simulation and lab testing, are combined in our final performance lay-up.