“The black swan’s aggressive appearance is simply a darkened illusion of the elegance characteristic of all swans.”

"High-performance monocoque frames tailored to fit any riding style of our customers."

"Ride with Exept Allroad on any road."

Next Level Custom Ride Configurator

Create your EXEPT ride in five simple steps. Choose from one of our frame platforms, customize the version to you preference, personalize the design, choose from three specs and create your frame geometry based on your riding style.

Performance meets custom

We made it our mission to create performance bikes that can be fully customized to each rider’s riding style. That requires top-notch R&D, as well as a patented production process. We create monocoque frames customized to your unique geometry and riding style.

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Our logo symbolizes both contrast and distinction in the genus of custom carbon fiber frame manufacturers. We are the only ones to combine the performance advantages of monocoque with custom geometry and personal riding styles. Our monocoque structure allows us to design more complex shapes with lighter and stiffer materials.